When we first met it was instantly clear that we want to live a long healthy life together. We started eating healthier and including lots of whole foods into our diet. We started going to the gym together regularly and trying to live a more active lifestyle of walking more often and doing a lot of outside activities like rollerblading and hiking. While all of this has helped us to become better versions of ourselves, we started talking more about family history and the inevitability of growing old. We started researching ways that we could help to prevent diseases that run in our families such as heart disease and Alzheimers. Seeing family members going through numerous heart surgeries and suffering from cognitive degeneration is heart breaking to say the least. With a strong drive to try to prevent ourselves from having to endure such things, we started mixing juice shots for ourselves and taking different supplements daily. While these all helped we couldn’t help but think there has to be a simpler and less expensive way to do this. We came up with the idea of having one simple drink where you can get all the best ingredients at once and this is where the idea of the JUICE13 was born. We have done countless hours of research and have come up with  thirteen key ingredients we are including in this simple daily shot. We have blended and re-blended the mixture to make it taste as delicious as possible without any added sugar or anything harmful to the body. It is a natural approach at improving the quality and longevity of our life together and we are excited to share it with anyone and everyone who feels as excited about LIVING as we do!