How do I make the shot?

TheJuice13 is made to be easy, quick and convenient. Simply put one scoop of powder into your shot glass, fill remainder with water and shake!

Is there an immediate effect from the shot?

TheJuice13 is made to be a long term preventative supplement so some people will begin feeling its positive effect sooner than others. This product is packed FULL of nutrients beneficial to your body’s immune system and ability to be cleansed and stay healthy. Your future self will thank you :)

What does TheJuice13 taste like?

The consensus on this question seems to be that it tastes a bit like an earthy blackberry flavored tea. Let us know YOUR thoughts!

When should I take these shots?

For the sake of long term benefits it does not matter when you take each shot, however we recommend taking the initial shot first thing in the morning when your body is thirsty for nutrients.

How many shots per day should I take?

TheJuice13 is designed to be most beneficial to you when you consume 3 servings per day. We do not recommend taking more than this as we have already measured out the proper amount of ingredients to fulfill your daily intake. Remember, it is always good to consult your physician when taking supplements.

Do I need to eat before I take TheJuice13?

No. It is not necessary to eat beforehand.

Is there any caffeine in TheJuice13?

There is not a significant amount of caffeine in the juice, however for technicality sake each serving contains approximately 10mg of caffeine from the organic matcha plant.

Is it normal for the black pepper to not dissolve?

Yes. The black pepper is a key component in TheJuice13 as it immensely helps your body absorb the turmeric by 2,000%. However, since it is insoluble it is normal to see some bits floating around so don’t forget to keep shaking!

Can kids drink TheJuice13?

These are all organic and natural supplements, however we DO NOT recommend this product for kids as children’s supplemental needs are different than those of adults. It is always good to consult with a doctor before taking any supplements.

Can I cancel my Auto-Fulfillment at any time?

Yes. Simply login to your account click My Account/Subscriptions/Cancel Subscription or email us at support@thejuice13.com and we will take care of it for you.

What day will my payment come out each month if I am on Auto-Fulfillment?

Your payment will come out every 30 days following your initial order. You can also update your subscription date at any time by logging into your account.